CGSociety Andromeda Environment Design Entry

My entry for CGSociety's Andromeda Contest


A distant inter-stellar planet that had a great calamity hundred years ago forced the inhabitants to live high up the ground. The chemicals that suddenly engulfed the ground layer of the planet took the lives almost half of the planet's population. The so-called "toxins" reach up to 10 meters up the ground but not more than due to the planet's atmospheric density. Until today, the people of Planet Perseus don't know what cause the calamity. Annually they hold a celebration at the Central Council to pay tribute to the ones who had fallen victim of the great calamity..

Design brief:
The structural design of the buildings, mainly the Central Council, are based from Mayan Architecture. The huge and tall tree-like bases are based from Singapore's Super Trees. While the whole concept of having bridges and separate districts are based from floating city designs that are starting to be popular nowadays specially in the middle-east.

March 4, 2020